Several Tips on How to Come Out to Family as Trans

If you are a transgender person, I think you must know that coming out is not an easy issue to deal with. As a matter of fact, coming out might be the hardest thing you have to do and you must do and maybe you don’t want to do the most. However, it is inevitable if you don’t prefer to live a secret trans life and have secret trans dating. Or even if you don’t mind, you are going to be clocked for your appearance, voice and behavior. You might as well admit to them all for who you are. Being a transgender might not be easy, but at least you get to be your authentic self fare and square. I am a transgender woman and I have come out for a very long time. There are somethings that I think I can do better if there is another chance and some times I am still proud of doing so. Therefore, I would like to offer some come out tips for pre-trans. I hope you can do better than me when you come out and I don’t want you to suffer what I went through.

Come out to your family
Having the support from your family is a huge blessing for transgender people. Lots of transgender people do not have such fortune when they decide to come out, which makes it a lot more difficult. I am very glad and grateful for my family for their unconditional support and love, which helped me in a huge way. Therefore, my suggestion is that come out to your family first and try to get support from them. You don’t have to set up a formal occasion. Just have a small gathering with people you care the most. The idea of calling them together in a room and explain your situation might make your feel nervous. It means you will get lots of questions and also attention. If you think you can’t handle it, you can also tell one person at a time. Try to be clam and explain yourself as clear as possible. You can introduce them some videos and educational website to help them understand. If they are negative about this, do not panic. Give them some time to adjust. If they really love you, they will come back to you.

Have some patience
You need to be prepared for negative actions. Not all people could understand and accept you right away. They need to know that you are sure about yourself and many of them might think you are just going through a phase which will fade away eventually. When they really see what you are and how that make you happy, they will finally see how it suits you. If they can’t accept it anyway, maybe they are not worth your attention. For some of my friends, they even try to call me by my new name and refer to me as the right pronouns, which makes me really happy. It is a process and it might be long. Therefore, it needs patience. What is more, the whole process of your transition might take years from taking hormone therapy to surgeries. You won’t last long if you don’t have patience.

Long distance relationship with a transgender woman

How to make long distance relationships successful? Some people don’t believe it’s possible to be away from their partner for a while. Another way is to find ways to save money to keep the relationship going. There are others who have enough confidence in their feelings to build a relationship that their love will continue to grow no matter how many miles or kilometers between them. Now let’s see what mistakes we sometimes make to put out the flame between two people who love each other. What should we do to avoid this situation?

Staying active with a transgender girlfriend or shemale can sometimes be a challenge when you spend most of your time communicating online. However, when both husband and wife live in the same place, they have a lot in common in their relationship. If your beloved transgender is not in your city life, or if you have limited time to see her, texting, calling, chatting or video dating on Skype will become an integral part of your life. This will give both of you a more intimate feeling and will keep you connected. Basically, if you’re looking for a partner on a trans or shemale dating site for transgender people in Asia, you’ll find any useful way to communicate online.

In most cases, this relationship cannot accumulate due to inconsistent communication. Especially if you’ve just met and you’re still far away from each other. Guys, you have to remember, trans girls are very sensitive, that’s why it’s so important to give them a sense of confidence.

For example, next you can meet a transgender person on Transdr, a transgender dating site, and then decide how you feel and intend about the transgender people. If you have a chemical reaction, and your imagination is painting a future meeting with her, then you can go further. Keep in touch: text, ask about her daily life, talk to her on a webcam. This is a good chance for you to get to know each other better. You don’t have to stay online all day and you don’t have to text every hour. Just show your interest to the girl and don’t let it go for long.

One of the basic rules to follow is to maintain stability in communication. If you’ve found your dreaming transgender woman, hold on to her and don’t turn your attention to other girls. Imagine how confusing it would be if you mixed up her birthday or other personal information that a girl told you. She needs to know that you’re only talking to her, or she’ll think you’re just there for fun. If your girlfriend lives in Asia and you live on the other side of the world, that means jet lag is inevitable. You all need to plan your meetings online: when, how long, and so on.

Obviously, long-distance relationships require some effort, just like any other type of relationship. If you have real feelings about someone and you’re ready to invest time and emotion in communicating with them — then nothing is impossible!

Biggest mistake on your first trans dating

1. Keep asking in dating
Dating is not an interview, so never ask to many questions when dating someone for the first time. Many people are curious about transgender people, especially new comer of trans dating, they ask many questions when dating a transgender person. If you are really curious about transgender people, you can search online for detail information, but never ask them directly.
2. Talking about serious topics
Trans dating is different from other dating in some aspects. There are some topics that can never talk about when dating a transgender person. You can choose some free and interesting topics to talk about at your first trans dating. Any serious and sensitive topics should be avoid in trans dating.
3. Dating in a loud place
Your dating place is also very important. Bar, restaurant and park are great dating places. Never dating your partner in a loud place. Dating is a chance to have a deep understanding on each other, and chatting is the beat way to know each other. If you date someone in a loud place, how can you listen to what other people say clearly? Dating transgender people in somewhere safe and peace.
4. Impolite
Dating etiquette is another key to your dating success. Many people think that they are only dating transgender people for fun, so they don’t need to pay attention to their dating manners. This is a big mistake on transgender dating. No matter what are you dating for, please be polite when dating a transgender person, otherwise, it is impossible for you to find a trans dating partner.
5. Focus on your phone
Maybe you are busy with your work, but it is not the right time to do your business. Many people cannot find a life partner only because they ate too busy with their job. If you want to find a life partner you should spend time on dating. Only in this way, can you know more about your partner and have a stable relationship with your partner.
6. Keep silent
Dating is an interactive process. If you just keep silent in the whole process, how can you make a good impression on your dating partner? When dating someone for the first time, you should introduce yourself and share something about yourself with your dating partner. You can also ask some questions, but never ask for personal information.
7. Lie to your partner
The basis of a successful dating is always telling the truth, never lie to your dating partner. Your lie can temporarily hide the truth, but it is easy to be exposed. If you want to have a long-term relationship with your partner, you’d better be honest and always tell the truth.
8. Invite your friends to your dating
Safety is an important problem for all transgender people, but never invite your friends to your first dating. There are many ways to ensure your safety. Dating is a private activity for both you and your dating partner. You can invite your friends to a party, but never to your first dating.

Five Summer Date Ideas for Transgender Dating

As summer progresses, the days get longer and the weather doesn’t go below freezing, and your chances of dating increase. There’s no need to hide in a dark bar. The outdoors is your best bet. Summer is the season for love and dating, and if you’re a new trans date who just found you, but don’t know where to date for the first time, the following can be very helpful. Here are our top 6 favorite summer date spots.

1.Go on a picnic

While it takes more thought and preparation than your usual dinner transgender date, the results can be even more memorable. Picnics can be romantic or casual, which means you can control everything. It’s a great chance to impress your ts dating partner with your home cooking or take them to a favorite park or opinion.

2.Visit an outdoor movie theater

It’s a twist on the classic transgender dating idea. Take your transgender woman to the movies, but don’t worry about watching in a dark space. Over the past few years, outdoor theater has become the main show of choice for couples in the summer. In London, screens on rooftops take up much of the city. In Britain, besides fog, you’ll find more pop-up theaters in different locations. Many big cities are starting to build more open-air cinemas now that they are popular with couples.

3.Take a trip to the seaside

If you live on the beach, it’s nice to take a walk along the beach with your date and enjoy the sunset. If you live a little farther away, take the train for a special one-day trip. There are many seaside towns that are perfect for a day out with a date. In the seaside town, you can not only enjoy the beautiful sea view, but also enjoy the delicious seafood.

4.Visit mansions or large buildings

Enjoy your unrequited love for Downton Abbey. Even if your transgender date claims they haven’t seen the show, many of Britain’s buildings and mansions are worth a visit. In addition, different big cities have different architectural styles, so you can also choose to visit the unique buildings in a nearby big city. Most of them have a busy summer schedule, so if your trans date is interested in history, culture, architecture or a beautiful environment, they will be impressed.

5.Outdoor sports

There are many outdoor sports to choose from, such as tennis, cycling, golf, etc. This may not seem like the most obvious way to date, but let’s finish. Like golf, there are courses for beginners that you can spend a lot of time outdoors, and there’s some gentle competition to keep the game entertaining. Plus, when you’re giving advice to your date, you get a chance to sneak in a hug. If you’re an adventurous duo, try a crazy activity to get your heart pumping. For those who enjoy the challenge, there are opportunities for outdoor swimming, kayaking and cycling in many big cities. Or, if you prefer to view the landscape in a gentle way, try hiking. Or take a walk in a bar at the end.

Try to find your love if you are a trans person

The same as all singles, trans singles also want to find their life partners. In order to find their life partners, they’ve tried many different way. However, it is not easy for them to find their love. I want to mention that your living and dating place really matter your dating success. Open-minded trans people like to date in some public places such as clubs and bars, while, others may like to date in some private places. No matter when do you want to date, online dating sites can provide you with many chances to meet your dating partners. Some people may like to date with someone face to face, but where can you meet your dating partner? You should find a dating partner, then you can date with her in real life. Online dating site is especially important for transgender people, because they don’t know where they can meet dating partners that can really accept them. Users of trans dating sites are mostly transgender finders and transgender admirers, they are looking for transgender people for ts dating. If you are a trans single, and want to end your single life, you can start to meet your partners online.
Many transgender people are not confident enough to ask a man or woman out for date, even don’t know how to contact them after the first date. I want to mention that if you want to have a long-term relationship, communication is the first step. You should know that most of people who looking for daring partners on trans dating sites are interested in trans dating, and they can really accept transgender people. This is why I highly recommend trans dating sites to transgender people, not ordinary dating sites. Trans dating sites are safe for all transgender people to meet and date with other people, no natter they are trans people or not. It’s a private space for all transgender people to communicate and date with other people, no judgement and blame on these trans dating sites. If you are a cisgender people who want to date transgender people, transgender dating site is also your best choice. In a word, trans dating site is only for transgender people and trans dating finders.
As far as I know, most of cisgender people are looking for transgender women on trans dating sites. It also shows that transgender women are more and more popular today. As a transgender woman, you should be confident, and always believe that life for transgender women is less harder than before. As transgender women are accepted by more and more people, just be confident enough to find your love. As a trans woman, don’t always wait for the man to take the first step, when you meet the one you like, keep contact with him and ask him out if possible. No one says women cannot take the first step in dating. If you are always too shy to communicate with a man, you will miss many chances to meet the right one.

Transgender women deserve to be your girlfriend for all men

In fact, everyone has a different understanding of dating, so much so that everyone has different preferences for dating. For most women, of course, trans women are included, and they want to know what the men they’ve dated really think of them. And for most men, they also want to know how to attract their date. The following helps both trans women and men who like transgender dating, and it will tell you why men deserve to date trans women and why trans women are better mates than genetic women.

Transgender women identify as women from the bottom of their hearts so they can fully present their femininity to the public. In public, they can be elegant and act like a sensible girlfriend. Privately, she will please you and satisfy your male needs in bed. They can play video games with you and do any entertainment you’ve ever done with men. They know what you’re thinking better than a genetic woman, so they’re actually better girlfriends.

As a matter of fact, some men have gone through many painful breakups, and their hearts have been broken up countless times for genetic women. So, they have no hope of dating a genetic woman. That’s one of the reasons they’re starting to turn to pursuing trans women. These men may simply think that transgender women won’t hurt them. In fact, transgender women and genetic women are the same. Although they are designated male at birth, in their minds they are always women. In other words, they feel the same way as women.

For some men, most trans women give them the impression of being sexy and open. These trans women are more open to being who they really are than some genetic women, and some men are more attracted to trans women because of that. They appreciate this self-pursuing quality of trans women. To some extent, such men may lack judgment and independent opinions and dare not pursue what they want for some reason. So it’s normal for these men to be obsessed with trans women.

Another important factor in these men’s pursuit of trans women is that these men don’t care about the genitals of trans women, they only see women in their eyes, and they see this date as a regular date rather than a trans date. Genitals can be a taboo for transgender women, so if you’re determined to find a transgender partner, be prepared to ignore his unwanted genitals.

Transgender women are women, and we don’t have to look at them differently. Because then they will feel very hurt. If you guys want to go after a transgender woman, let it go, don’t care about the outside world, because you’re looking for someone to spend the rest of your life with. Trans women are definitely worth it!

Trans Relationships Success

Everyone wants a happy, fun-loving and healthy relation it may be straight dating or trans dating thing.
Relationship succeed only when you both want it to succeed. Trans relationships requires effort from both the partners. You got to make efforts on consistent basis. You both have to be responsible for everything that happens in your transgender relation. You both must accept and love each other by all means. By all your heart you both must be willing to understand each other and put your efforts for this relation. You know you both love each other. Always remember making a relationship success is not a one day game. It is always your efforts in the long run.

Trust is the fundamental unit of any kind of relationship no matter it’s trans relationship or just a casual one.
Always know that you are the best persons for each other that’s why you both are together. Try to avoid the mistakes you have done in the past. Just try to be happy .

You must see the things in the same way. There should be mutual understanding and acceptance for things. Trust is something you will build overtime and gradually things will get better and better. The more the trust and faith between you the longer your relationship will be. People who do not trust each other cannot stay together for a longer duration. If there’s no faith there is no meaning to be in a relationship with someone.

To make your relationship better you must learn to communicate with each others more often. Talk to each other about everything. The more you talk to each other the better it is. Tell about your needs, desires and expectation and then come to mutual conclusions. When you communicate with each other it shows that you care. More than half of the problems in any relationship is solved by the necessary communication. The more you talk to each other, the more will be your understanding. It is always good to know that someone cares and love you. Well, some days might be bad in this aspect because you may be too busy on some days with a tight schedule. But always try to make some time for your partner when you can.

So it’s about giving priority to each other and to the relationship you are in. When you prioritize your relationship then you assign values to the things and efforts. When you do that for each other it makes your trans relationship happier. And also learn to compromise on few things sometimes. Sometimes you need to co-operate on his thoughts and sometimes he will have to do that for you. So it is better to talk with each other and make things successful with essential efforts.
You make each other proud by putting efforts for each other and the success of your story seems true.

So these are some of the key points to make your trans relationship a success. Hope you got the right information you are looking for. Enjoy your transgender relationship. Good luck folks.

Never misgender transgender people

In 2004, Laverne Cox said that misgendering transgender people is an act of violence. Since then, she has repeated this statement for many times, however some other people still don’t believe it. Why intentinally misgendering trans people is an act of violence? Why you shouldn’t do it?
Misgendering is an act that referring to someone by the wrong gender, or implying that they are in a wrong gender. So, if you made mistakes in calling a boy “she” or refer to a boy as a girl, that’s misgendering. You may misgender cis people or trans people, but it’s rude when when misgemder trans people, and it’s something that basically all trans people have to deal with at some point. Of course, there are time like trans dating when people intentionally misgender feminine cis boys or masculine cis girls as a way of trying reinforce arbitrary gender roles, and that’s awful as well.
Violence is a harder thing to define. Several dictionaries say that it involves the physical force, including the Merriam-Webster and Oxford dictionary. However, dictionaries are not intended as all-knowing, unchangeable rule books. They change and adapt for many times as our usage changes, they always descriptive, instead of prescriptive, nowadays. I will argue that their definition of violence is not in style and it doesn’t encompass all of the forms of violence we recognize today. And the world Health Organization agrees with me. In the 2002 world report on violence and health, the WHO define violence as “the intentional use of physical force or power, threatened or actual, against oneself, another person, or against a certain group and community, that either result in or has a high posibility of resulting in injury, death, psychological harm, maldevelopment, or deprivation.” This definition is purposefully broad. The WHO showed in their recent report that violence is culturally influenced and varies widely across the globe. What some people see as violence, other may not. However, in an effort to fight violence worldwide, this is the definition that the world WHO came up with, and it explicitly includes non-physical forms of violence. They say “physical force or power”, and they note that power isn’t necessarily physical, it includes all types of social power imbalances. Their definition states that violence doesn’t have to result in physical injury, instead it can result in psychological harm. Given that this is the definition that experts on the topic of violence have come up with, I would argue that it’s much better and more effective definition than one currently listed in most dictionaries. Therefore, violence does include psychological violence, and misgendering a trans person is absolutely an act of psychological violence. If you still have a problem calling it violence, then call it aggression or abuse or whatever you want. The point is, it’s a bad thing that we shouldn’t do. Asks any trans person, and they can tell you how awful being misgendered makes them feel. It’s a way of invalidating their identity. It makes them feel disrespected, isolated uncomfortable, and hated simply because of their gender. Misgenderring transgender people causes psychological harms.

What does being transgender mean?

We are hearing a lot about transgender people from Caitlyn Jenner to the unfortunate North Carolina bathroom low, but then we realized embarrassingly that we didn’t know really anything about what it mean to be transgender. It’s basically a term for people whose gender identity, gender expression or behavior doesn’t meet what we expect from that step, so to break this down even more when we are born, we are assigned a sex male or female. You are either a female or a male, there is only two options. One of the most common genetic disorders is Klinefelter syndrome where a male is born with an extra chromosome usually XXY which affects about one in 500 males, another genetic variation Turner syndrome where a baby girl has just one X chromosome instead of two affects one in every 5000 females. Then there ‘s variations called super male XY Y or super female X XX and one out of 4500 baby shows ambiguous genitalia at birth. Expert data from Brown University estimates at least 1% of all births don’t fall strictly within the tight definition of all male or all female, so even if you fit neatly int a sex box of male or female, there is a whole lot more to gender than what’s between your leg and that’s where gender expression comes in gender includes behavior, clothing, hairstyle, voice, or body characteristics, all this stuff has gender attached to it. For example, we associate short hair with men and long hair with women, and this is where it gets really confusing. For example, for those of us born female, we almost certainly are going to have gender expression that are at least partly male, at least some of the time. Whether it’s in what we wear or what we say, what our body looks like, or our haircut, or all of the above. Being transgender wouldn’t even be necessary if there weren’t these codes for what it means to be female and what it means to be male. You might be born female, but you become feminine as you learn social behavior, if men and women both dressed the same, behaved the same and were valued equally in every way, then there wouldn’t be need to change gender if it didn’t match our sex, but there’s actually huge expectation for people to fit into gender stereotypes.
Trans people are people who question the sex assigned to them at birth and would prefer to live their lives as another gender, and science suggests the reason for this feeling of disagreement between the way you feel and the way you are born might be all in your head brain. Research also shown that people born female but wishing to transition to male may have brain that are more male like, like basically you are the mind of a man in in the body of a woman. Studies with identical twins have also suggested that transgenderism may be genetic, there is strong evidence that it’s your DNA and not your lifestyle, that’s most important in transgender identity formation. That’s important to note because laws like the North Carolina public toilet, laws basically discriminate against people because there’s this feeling that transitioning gender is just a lifestyle choice, just a phrase you are going to through.