Several Tips on How to Come Out to Family as Trans

If you are a transgender person, I think you must know that coming out is not an easy issue to deal with. As a matter of fact, coming out might be the hardest thing you have to do and you must do and maybe you don't want to do the most. However, it is inevitable if you don't prefer to live a secret trans life and have secret trans dating. Or even if you don't mind, you are going to be clocked for your appearance, voice and behavior. You might as well admit to them all for who you are. Being a transgender might not be easy, but at least you get to be your authentic self fare and square. I am a transgender woman and I have come out for a very long time. There are somethings that I think I can do better if there is another chance and some times I am still proud of doing so. Therefore, I would like to offer some come out tips for pre-trans. I hope you can do better than me when you come out and I don't want you to suffer what I went through.

Come out to your family
Having the support from your family is a huge blessing for transgender people. Lots of transgender people do not have such fortune when they decide to come out, which makes it a lot more difficult. I am very glad and grateful for my family for their unconditional support and love, which helped me in a huge way. Therefore, my suggestion is that come out to your family first and try to get support from them. You don't have to set up a formal occasion. Just have a small gathering with people you care the most. The idea of calling them together in a room and explain your situation might make your feel nervous. It means you will get lots of questions and also attention. If you think you can't handle it, you can also tell one person at a time. Try to be clam and explain yourself as clear as possible. You can introduce them some videos and educational website to help them understand. If they are negative about this, do not panic. Give them some time to adjust. If they really love you, they will come back to you.

Have some patience
You need to be prepared for negative actions. Not all people could understand and accept you right away. They need to know that you are sure about yourself and many of them might think you are just going through a phase which will fade away eventually. When they really see what you are and how that make you happy, they will finally see how it suits you. If they can't accept it anyway, maybe they are not worth your attention. For some of my friends, they even try to call me by my new name and refer to me as the right pronouns, which makes me really happy. It is a process and it might be long. Therefore, it needs patience. What is more, the whole process of your transition might take years from taking hormone therapy to surgeries. You won't last long if you don't have patience.