Something I learned from my transgender hookup experience

As a matter of fact, I have many experiences of transgender hookup. Several years ago, I realized I was different from ordinary people and I have a different cognize form other people that I couldn’t accept my born gender. When I became an adult, I think I have the ability to live the life I really want and then I told my parents my real thoughts and what let me feel surprised that they strongly support me to do what I really wanted to do. Then I started my transgender hookup journey.

In the process, I experienced many things that made me happy, but also experienced some very sad things. But I know this is our life as shemale and ladyboy. I never complain why god treats me like this. Because I feel that what I process now is the greatest gift that god has given me. As you know, I'm a shemale, despised or ridiculed by many. But I don't feel inferior just because I'm different. I knew I had a long way to go, and I wasn't afraid, but I was excited. That's why it's so easy for me to have fun with trans dating.

As the saying goes, let bygones be bygones! As transgender, we don't always have to remember our past, because it doesn't change us, and the wheel of time doesn't bring us back to the past. I have had my transexual date. So we just have to move forward. On a previous transgender hookup, I asked a shemale what her name was before her transitioned. She looked a little angry when I first mentioned the name. When I felt her emotion, I knew she might feel offended by me. I apologized to her right away. Then she said something meaningful to me. She said she didn't want to look back because it would remind her of his pain. When I really put my past behind me, I felt that my life was brightened by the wait ahead.

Yes, as transgender people, we do experience a lot of setbacks along the way, like I have tried my transexual date, but they don't drag us into the abyss. We have to believe that there will always be a light to illuminate us on the way forward, we have to believe that we will live a better life in the future. So we must not shrink back, nor turn back. In this way, our hearts will be full of sunshine.

In addition, not every transgender need surgery. If you feel wee with your current condition, there is no need to surgery. You just need to live as your own wish and you don’t need to care for other people’s opinion. Only you really understand your need can you live a happy trans gender dating life. The most important thing as a transgender people is that you should know how you feel inside and do what you want to do, without letting others dictate your thoughts and decisions. You will live a happier life when you truly do what you want to do.

The romantic transgender hookup is waiting for you.