What does being transgender mean?

We are hearing a lot about transgender people from Caitlyn Jenner to the unfortunate North Carolina bathroom low, but then we realized embarrassingly that we didn't know really anything about what it mean to be transgender. It's basically a term for people whose gender identity, gender expression or behavior doesn't meet what we expect from that step, so to break this down even more when we are born, we are assigned a sex male or female. You are either a female or a male, there is only two options. One of the most common genetic disorders is Klinefelter syndrome where a male is born with an extra chromosome usually XXY which affects about one in 500 males, another genetic variation Turner syndrome where a baby girl has just one X chromosome instead of two affects one in every 5000 females. Then there 's variations called super male XY Y or super female X XX and one out of 4500 baby shows ambiguous genitalia at birth. Expert data from Brown University estimates at least 1% of all births don't fall strictly within the tight definition of all male or all female, so even if you fit neatly int a sex box of male or female, there is a whole lot more to gender than what's between your leg and that's where gender expression comes in gender includes behavior, clothing, hairstyle, voice, or body characteristics, all this stuff has gender attached to it. For example, we associate short hair with men and long hair with women, and this is where it gets really confusing. For example, for those of us born female, we almost certainly are going to have gender expression that are at least partly male, at least some of the time. Whether it's in what we wear or what we say, what our body looks like, or our haircut, or all of the above. Being transgender wouldn't even be necessary if there weren't these codes for what it means to be female and what it means to be male. You might be born female, but you become feminine as you learn social behavior, if men and women both dressed the same, behaved the same and were valued equally in every way, then there wouldn't be need to change gender if it didn't match our sex, but there's actually huge expectation for people to fit into gender stereotypes.

Trans people are people who question the sex assigned to them at birth and would prefer to live their lives as another gender, and science suggests the reason for this feeling of disagreement between the way you feel and the way you are born might be all in your head brain. Research also shown that people born female but wishing to transition to male may have brain that are more male like, like basically you are the mind of a man in in the body of a woman. Studies with identical twins have also suggested that transgenderism may be genetic, there is strong evidence that it's your DNA and not your lifestyle, that's most important in transgender identity formation. That's important to note because laws like the North Carolina public toilet, laws basically discriminate against people because there's this feeling that transitioning gender is just a lifestyle choice, just a phrase you are going to through.