Tips for Trans Women: How to Hide the Adam’s Apple

As is known to all, although these trans women have turned from a man to a woman with the help of the gender reassignment surgery, some male characteristics are still hard to change such as the big skeleton, their tones of voices and the Adam’s Apple. In this article, we will focus on how to hide Adam’s apple without operating any surgery. In fact, making a surgery is a once-for-all method to help you get rid of it permanently. But this time, we want to introduce some natural ways to hide Adam’s apple and make you look more feminine, you can start your trans hookup.

Wear a scarf

The direct way to hide the Adams’s apple is to tie something in your neck and the scarf is a good choice. When it is in winter, you can choose to wear a thick scarf which can not only keep you warm, but also it can hide your Adam’s apple. Well, if it is in summer, you can wear a light scarf. One the one hand, it can hide the unwanted thing naturally. On the other hand, it can be an ornament just like the bracelets and earrings which can complement your charms. By the way, when selecting the scarf, you need to pick the one that can match with your dresses. In this way, it won’t look so awkward, especially in my transexual date.

Use the shades

If you are unwilling to wear a scarf in summer when you have ts date, you can employ other ways in which you can expose your silky neck and cover up the Adam’s apple. Well, this method is shading your neck. That is to say, you employ the cosmetics and shade by the side of your Adam’s apple. In this way, it cannot be seen easily and clearly. But, bin this way, you need to be careful when you do this because if you shade thickly, it will look ugly. And there is a drawback of this method which is that when you want to surf or engage in any other activities related to water, the shade cannot work any longer. Thus, you cannot employ this method at your first ts dating.

Wear high collared clothes

Wearing high collared clothes is just similar to wearing a scarf. This way is especially applicable in winter because almost all garments have high collared. And it is reasonable to wear this kind of clothes in winter and people won’t hold suspicions. However, in summer, only a small portion of clothes are designed with a high collar. If you are able to find one, you can try it on.

Don’t tie your hairs

If you have long hair, this method is especially suitable for you in your transexual date. You can choose to not tie your hair up and try to pull your hair down and let it fall on your chest. In this way, your fluffy hair can block your throat knot and make it difficult to be seen. This is one of the easiest ways for you to hide your Adam’s apple.