What should we do if hurtful comments on the transgender woman that you are dating?

There are some clowns are going to make rude comments on your transgender girlfriend after he has had too many drinks no matter how feminine and passable your transgender girlfriend may be. Although most of my ts dating relationship were with women who can’t be recognized that she was born a male when she is walking on the street, sometimes, we would occasionally encounter a ‘smart girl’ who will thought he or she. Maybe she is smart or funny.

The question is simple what is the best way to handle it for our men who want have a transgender dating relationship with transgender or involved with a transgender woman.

My attitude towards this question is that when someone in my life insults my tranny date partner is just like insult me. But meanwhile, defending her doesn’t mean I will get angry with that guy. It is meaningless and this guy will not realize his mistakes and it wastes your time and influence your emotion. Nevertheless, most of us still want to protect our girlfriend, rather than end it in an argument, in which people may be injured and arrested. And it is not a wise way that we can take. As the saying goes that don't bring yourself down to his level. If you keep arguing with him about this, it will only make you more angry.

If they talk about your transgender girlfriend, don’t mind it. I always ignore it at the beginning of hear their topic. And then take my girlfriend to another place quietly. Either take her to the room or take her to another part of the club. Usually, that’s the end, because the smart one only want to gain a reaction, if there is no reaction he can gain, there is no any fun. I have recognized their thoughts long ago. In fact, it's a good way to make eye for eye and tooth for tooth revenge. But sometimes we’re followed and sneered. Even in an upscale business, irony, insult and rudeness continue. If possible, we'll leave and go somewhere else.

It is not the always way that we can choose. I would rather ask others for help than resolve the situation myself. If we are in a club, I will catch a waiter’s attention and ask he or she all for a manager. After all, this is their job to ensure their customers can enjoy a nice night here. In fact, this is enough for me. Because you know, sometimes people who stirred up trouble are expelled.

The only thing that we can do present is support you have a dating with transgender woman. We can let her know that others’ rude words and behavior will not influence how we feel about her. Tell her you are the most beautiful and lovely woman in my eyes. Maybe our strength is too small to change others’ opinions, but we should learn to how to balance our heart. Because harbor bitter hatred will make your life more difficult.